4 things about the wedding your photographer wants to know about

4 things about the wedding your photographer wants to know about

Imagine this… You have been happily married to the man of your dreams for over 20 or even 30 years… You are happy together and you have grown a big and loving family whose members even have families of their own!

Any time you want to relive this special day that set the beginning of your beautiful life as a married couple, you’ll reach out for… your wedding album! That’s right, a picture is worth more than a thousand words and a wedding album is, well, priceless. Memories are the most cherished treasure you have and perhaps that’s the reason people often grab their picture albums together with their IDs and documents in case of an emergency like an earthquake, a fire, or a flood.

Every photographer is well aware of the responsibility they have towards you and your wedding. That’s why they want to know as many details as possible about you and your preferences/expectations before the big day has come. Here are the top 4 things your wedding photographer will want to know about before your wedding:

Your personality
In order to give you the best shots, your wedding photographer needs to find out some details about you and the groom (both as individuals and as a couple). Are you a romantic person who loves poetry and love quotes? Are you a rebel who always breaks the rules when possible? Are you a fun tornado as a couple? No matter which type you are, let your photographer know so that he can look in the real you through the lens of the camera.

The time you’ve set apart for photo shots
Good photography takes time. Sometimes it takes hours to get the perfect shot, so feel free to discuss your time frames with your photographer. Let them know if you are planning a day wedding or an evening one as light is of crucial importance to photography and he should be well aware of the time he has that ensures there will be enough light for the wedding shots.

The locations you have in mind
Photographers take their job seriously, so it’s a good idea to discuss the locations you have in mind with them and ask for advice. You’ll be surprised at some of the suggestions they may have that you even haven’t thought about! If your photographer is reluctant to take pictures on a site that’s on your wedding shot list, however, think about how important this site is to you and how relevant it is to your wedding. If you can go without it, make your photographer happy and remove it from your list. He is reluctant for a reason!

Your budget
Just like anything else, your wedding photography budget can make all the difference between simplicity and extravaganza. Be open with your wedding photographer and let him know how much you are willing to spend on your wedding photos. This is a very important aspect of your wedding budget, so think about it very carefully and have in mind that a bigger budget means better equipment, higher-quality prints, and more experience. Besides, you will have no chance for a reshoot…

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