Wedding flowers mistakes to avoid

Wedding flowers mistakes to avoid

Choosing the right bridal bouquet and flower arrangements is not an easy task. Flowers have always been an important factor in the wedding planning process as they complement the wedding theme, enhancing important wedding elements like the venue and the reception.

While deciding on your wedding flowers is an exciting process, there are several mistakes almost every bride is prone to making. Look at them below and make sure you avoid them at all cost:

Not looking at the big picture
A lot of brides fall in the trap of the so called “tunnel vision” – they often decide on their bridal bouquet, for example, based only on the way the bouquet looks on its own. The wise thing to do is consider your wedding flowers as just an element of the decoration – an element that should fit in the whole picture of your most special day. When wedding flowers shopping, make sure you bring with you pictures of the rest of the wedding elements (your wedding theme, wedding dress, pictures of the wedding venue, etc).

Choosing only with your eyes
Of course, when it comes to flowers, you should mainly consider the way they look. But, as it often happens, brides overlook a very important flowery feature, namely the way the flower smells. Be careful as some flowers have really strong/strange/unpleasant odors, so you should always sniff before you set your mind on a certain flower. Besides, some flowers emit fragrances that are considered allergens, and you don’t want the groom to be photographed with a running nose, do you?

Relying too much on Pinterest
Yes, I know this flower arrangement looks just gorgeous on Pinterest. And yes, these candles are just what seems to be the perfect fit for your Boho wedding theme. But did you know that this flower arrangement will look so gorgeous for just about 30 minutes before turning into a withered pile of former glory? Did you also know that there is almost no venue that would let you use actual lit candles (hello, fire precautions)? Of course you are more than welcome to bring photos that inspire you but expecting your florist to make an exact replica of what you saw online is just unwise.

Falling in love with out-of-season flowers
Before rushing to your florist, a separate folder with pictures of flower arrangements on your smartphone, make sure you do your homework and look up what’s in season and what’s not for your big day. Your florist will most probably make sure you are well acquainted with what’s in season for your wedding day but doing your homework beforehand will save you some disappointing moments.

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