Top 4 Wedding Music Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Top 4 Wedding Music Mistakes

There’s so much pressure on the future bride during the wedding planning. She has to be aware of so many details like how to pick the perfect venue, when is the best time to send those wedding invitations, what wedding color scheme will best fit her wedding style, how many bridesmaids are too many bridesmaids, etc.

When it comes to wedding music, the situation gets even more complicated, because, let’s face it, most future brides are not musicians! So, how to be sure you won’t make a wedding music mistake you’ll regret later? As a start, check out these most common wedding music mistakes plus some invaluable advice on how to avoid them:

Mistake #1 Waiting for the bride in silence
You might think that the beginning of your wedding is marked by your grand entering, fabulous wedding dress and all, but the truth is your wedding guests will be all waiting for you in silence, gathered in the ceremony venue, still not feeling comfortable enough, checking their phones and waiting for the wedding to start.

How to avoid it?
Make sure you ask your musicians to start playing about 30 minutes before the planned wedding ceremony start. This will ease the anticipating wedding guests and will create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Mistake #2 Not considering the size of the dance floor
This is a very common mistake that may lead to rather unpleasant situations like wedding guests stepping on each other, glasses spilling on expensive dresses and suits, etc.

How to avoid it?
When looking for the perfect wedding reception venue, be on the look for the dance floor and its size. You should also consider the number of your wedding guests and whether or not they will feel comfortable in the zone that’s designed for dances in the venue you are planning to use.

Mistake #3 Spending too much music time on special dance songs
Another common mistake a lot of brides make is choosing rather long songs to be played during the special dances. As important and precious the father-daughter and mother-son songs may be, your wedding guests will surely get bored after the 7th minute of the (never ending) dance.

How to avoid it?
You certainly don’t have to compromise with the songs you want to be played. Stick to what you’ve chosen but discuss with your DJ/band the options you have for shortening it to a more reasonable time.

Mistake #4 Not paying attention to the volume
When it comes to wedding music, most brides are concerned only about what will be played, while they should be also paying attention to how loud the music should be. You don’t want to confuse your older family members by not giving them the chance to talk to each other during dinner time, do you?

How to avoid it?
Talk to your DJ about the volume of music you feel comfortable with. Let them know that the music should be kept down during chat periods like the cocktail hour and dinner time. Ask a friend/bridesmaid to be on the look for drastic or inappropriate decibels, so that she can let your DJ know what is expected from him.

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