March and April Wedding Themes and Colours Suggestions

The colours brought in by Spring always make for a great backdrop for any wedding. If you’re looking to celebrate a wedding sometime around March or April, take a breather and go through our ideas for themes and colours that suit this time of the year. You’re cutting it awfully close, but you have more than enough time to whip up a wedding that’s guaranteed to be memorable.

When you think of Spring weddings, we’re guessing that the first that comes into your mind are all different sorts of blooming flowers, bursts of warm and vibrant colours, and of course, a re-emergence of life all over. Many wedding planners like the Spring because it’s the season where many flowers bloom naturally, including daisies, lilies, daffodils and tulips. March and April brides typically go for yellow and lavender pastels, as well as eye-pleasing combinations like red and darker shades of pink, as well as pink and green. You can even go for a totally pink look (albeit in different shades) to create a stunning effect.

For themes, you can go for butterflies and cherry blossoms. If you or your partner has Irish ancestry, you can also draw inspiration from St. Paddy’s Day.

Remember that these are just suggestions for themes and colours, so if you plan to do hold a wedding in some exotic destination outside North America, you’ll have to do a lot more work, with more factors to take into account. Although we think the suggestions above are perfect for the Spring months, there’s no reason why they can’t be used during any time of the year.

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